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Agilis c360® Vibration Intelligence Software

The world’s leading engine producers trust Agilis 360 Software for non-intrusive measurement, holistic analysis and proven management of high-cycle fatigue in rotating turbo-machinery.

By capturing a continuous stream of data from optical probes mounted on the engine casing, c360 delivers detailed insight at every turn of every blade in prototype to production turbines. This rich data fuels a deeper understanding of the effect of blade dynamics on performance and health, enabling manufacturers to optimize engine design and development.

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Advanced Blade Health Monitoring

The software modules in the c360 suite track the synchronous and non-synchronous response characteristics of each rotating blade for accurate arrival time analysis and blade health monitoring. This enables users to detect crack initiation and growth while identifying flutter, stall and high-blade amplitude deflections.

Our blade tip timing software and probes are proven in a wide array of demanding applications including gas and steam turbines, turbo-pumps and turbo-chargers.

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c360 Real Time measures blade position and timing during engine testing for immediate results analysis.

Vibration information is instantly captured on the test stand so blade characteristics and resonances can be monitored in real time, enabling engine modifications earlier in the design process.


c360 Off Line records vibration data during testing for a more comprehensive, post-test analysis of every blade.

This detailed vibration intelligence enables you to better validate and verify engine performance against design criteria. Fast, efficient processing of post-test data provides deeper insight into key parameters including frequency, flutter and stall, amplitude, damping and deflection.


c360 Health alerts users to static and dynamic vibratory conditions on compressor and turbine blade stages.

The software operates independently of user interaction by simplifying blade stage health to a green, yellow or red operating condition. This automatic monitoring and notification capability ensures the safe, long-term health of your rotating turbo-machinery.


c360 Torque alerts users when turbo-machinery is running at non-optimal conditions through reliable measurement of turbine shaft vibration.

Identifying torsional vibration in rotating equipment helps you reduce bearing wear, gear tooth failures, shrink fit slippage and broken shafts.


Agilis DataLens™ Technology

Bring blade dynamics into focus by filtering the vast amount of post-test vibration data generated by c360 Off Line and create intuitive, user-friendly displays. This actionable blade intelligence drives deeper insight into vibration characteristics, enabling engineers to identify the root cause of failures and optimize designs.

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